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Children with Stargardt’s disease should have an annual review by an Ophthalmologist. Adults with the condition are often discharged as there is no treatment, but seeing an Ophthalmologist about every 5 years for a general check-up and update on what is known about the condition is reasonable. Regular general eye checks with an optician are advisable for everyone, including people with Stargardt’s.

Management is focussed on maximising existing vision using aids and techniques. Low Vision clinics can provide optical aids such as magnifiers and monoculars. Many people with Stargardt’s read large bold print. Assistive technology, including electronic magnifiers and magnification and text to speech computer software, can also be helpful.

Social services can offer certain home adaptations and practical mobility training.

Some evidence suggests that people with Stargardt’s should avoid taking extra vitamin A in supplements. Wearing UV blocking sunglasses outdoors is also recommended.