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Sindhu’s story

I am Sindhu from India. I was diagnosed with Stargardt’s when I was 18 years old, back in 2020. I had just completed my school and was preparing for undergrad entrance exams, when my father noticed that I was reading through the book keeping it too close to my eyes. After doing the fundus photography,…

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Marina’s story

I’m Marina Leite. I have Stargardt Disease, and I’m from Brazil. I have a degree in History, an MBA in Marketing and Digital Communication, and I’ve just completed an MPA in Innovation, Public Policy and Public Value at the University College London. Today, I’m based in the UK, where I work for a social enterprise…

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Paul’s story

I’m Paul Appleyard and I am a part time blogger with Stargardt’s Disease who loves to encourage others to aim high and chase their dreams — especially visually impaired people. I am really excited to join the Stargardt’s Connected team and add my two-pennyworth as someone who has had Stargardt’s since 1979. If you can indulge…

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Katriona’s story

When I was seven years old at school the teachers noticed that I wasn’t reading the board easily and sent me off to have some eye tests. Nothing obvious showed up so we then went to see an eye specialist. In fact we saw two eye specialists before I was properly diagnosed. The first telling…

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Alice’s story

I first experienced problems with my sight at 22, when I was in the middle of a degree in Vocal Studies at the Royal Northern College of Music. I had noticed problems finding my friends in busy places and had a few scary moments when driving, so I went for a routine eye test, thinking…

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Odette’s story

I first came to London in the mid-1980s from France to work as an au pair, which allowed me to spend my evenings taking part in dance classes at the London Contemporary Dance School. However, after a couple of years in the capital, I began to see bright sparkly spots in front of my eyes…

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