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Brian Morris

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our oldest Stargardt’s Connected member, Brian Morris who died earlier this year at the age of 92. He was a regular member of our Adult Zoom sessions and his family reported that he enjoyed them thoroughly. Brian received his diagnosis of Stargardt’s Disease in…

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Running the London Marathon

Thank you so much Greg George for running the 2021 London Marathon on October 3rd to raise funds for Stargardt’s Connected. We are the first and only UK solely Stargardt’s Charity and are committed to raising money for research and support. Please show your support and share and donate if you can. Thank you! Donate…

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Paul’s story

I’m Paul Appleyard and I am a part time blogger with Stargardt’s Disease who loves to encourage others to aim high and chase their dreams — especially visually impaired people. I am really excited to join the Stargardt’s Connected team and add my two-pennyworth as someone who has had Stargardt’s since 1979. If you can indulge…

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Katriona’s story

When I was seven years old at school the teachers noticed that I wasn’t reading the board easily and sent me off to have some eye tests. Nothing obvious showed up so we then went to see an eye specialist. In fact we saw two eye specialists before I was properly diagnosed. The first telling…

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Rob in Lockdown

Rob McCann, one of our Stargardt’s Connected Trustees, needed to find something to occupy himself at the start of lockdown. What started out feeling like an abundance of free time to go on long walks, after a while felt like a daily grind. Perhaps surprising for someone with a sight-loss condition, Rob began to teach…

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Alice’s story

I first experienced problems with my sight at 22, when I was in the middle of a degree in Vocal Studies at the Royal Northern College of Music. I had noticed problems finding my friends in busy places and had a few scary moments when driving, so I went for a routine eye test, thinking…

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