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Ellen Gould — Seeing Stars

Ellen Gould, an Emmy-Award winning actress with Stargardt’s speaking about her upcoming film, “Seeing Stars” which is about five women with Stargardt’s. Here’s the link where you can find out more about Seeing Stars and support the film project by making a donation direct to WMM:,her%20award%2Dwinning%20theater%20production. Here’s the link to Ellen Gould’s website:,…

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Life of a Student

A significant percentage of disabled people have to deal with hidden or invisible disabilities which makes it super challenging to perform daily activities. An invisible disability, such as Stargardt’s disease is one which is not directly visible through a person’s exterior. To shed some light on daily life with an invisible disability, I will share…

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International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Disability inclusion is an essential part in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). According to WHO, around 1.3 billion people or 16% of the total world’s population experience disability of any kind. There is an increasing trend in these numbers because of the rise of non-communicable diseases and higher life expectancy. The International Day of…

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Sindhu’s story

I am Sindhu from India. I was diagnosed with Stargardt’s when I was 18 years old, back in 2020. I had just completed my school and was preparing for undergrad entrance exams, when my father noticed that I was reading through the book keeping it too close to my eyes. After doing the fundus photography,…

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World Sight Day 2023

Around one billion people in the world suffer due to an untreated or preventable vision loss. To focus global attention on visual impairment, blindness and significance of eye health, the World Sight Day was observed for the first time on 12th October 2000. This day is observed on the second Thursday of October every year. It…

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Fight for Sight and Stargardt’s Connected Joint Small Grant Award

We are pleased to be able to partner with Fight For Sight this year for the Small Grant Award Scheme. The Award is now open for applications for our Stargardt’s Research Community, with the deadline of 13:00 on Wednesday 13 September 2023. Please do share this amongst your research networks and to anyone who may…

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