Marina’s story

blue star

I’m Marina Leite. I have Stargardt Disease, and I’m from Brazil. I have a degree in History, an MBA in Marketing and Digital Communication, and I’ve just completed an MPA in Innovation, Public Policy and Public Value at the University College London. Today, I’m based in the UK, where I work for a social enterprise called Diversity & Ability. I do training and consultancy around inclusion and diversity in workspaces. 

I got involved with Retina Brasil in 2017 after being engaged for two years with Grupo Virtual Stargardt, a Brazilian group for those with Stargardt diseases that I continue to help with coordination, patient support and event planning. I’ve been a volunteer at Retina Brasil since 2018, helping with Communication, Advocacy and events. Moreover, I’m very involved with the Retina International Youth Council, which I’m now its chair. Finally, I also participate in some activities at Retina Iberoamérica. I consider myself an activist, and I’m passionate about building a better world for everyone living with retinal diseases.