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Fundraising Coffee Morning

One of the lovely school mum friends offered to hold a coffee morning to raise money for Stargardt’s Connected. It’s always good to talk, drink tea and have cake… An easy and sociable way to raise money too!

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Comedy Night

In November 2017, Stargardt’s Connected held a Comedy Night to fundraise for the Stargardt’s Community. It was a fantastic night with top comedy acts and excellent hosting skills by Shelley Chopra. It was also a time to raise awareness about Stargardt’s and Bhavna Tailor spoke about her experience as a mum of a child who has…

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Pub Meet Up November 2017

In November 2017, Stargardt’s Connected organised a pub meet up in London for the Stargardt’s community after the Sight Village Exhibition in Kensington. Again, this was an opportunity to meet other people with Stargardt’s, network and share tips and advice.

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Hyde Park Picnic August 2017

One of the things that Stargardt’s Connected is keen on doing is holding informal networking events for people affected by Stargardt’s and their families. It is a great way to network, and share tips, advice and stories. Our first informal event was a Hyde Park Picnic in August 2017. It was wonderful meeting people with…

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Stargardt’s Day March 2017

Dr Andi Skilton organised Stargardt’s Day – an information day for patients and professionals. Bhavna Tailor was asked to help shape the day and speak on the patient panel about her experience as a parent with a child being diagnosed with Stargardt’s. It was a hugely successful day, but also an emotional one, with many…

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