School Fundraiser

blue star

Bhavna Tailor’s son Ethan was keen to hold a Stargardt’s awareness and fundraising day at his school and she helped him organise a day of fundraising events.

His fellow classmates were tasked to bake cakes for a cake sale. They got creative baking and here are a sample of the cakes they made. There was a huge rush to buy the delicious treats at morning break time. The bake sale proved very popular and managed to raise almost £400 in 20 minutes!

Ethan created a Stargardt’s Powerpoint and he and his mum led a whole school assembly telling the children about the condition. They also wanted to stress that it was important to keep positive and have a can-do attitude. You can still achieve despite vision loss. Who better to stress this than Tim Prendergast a Paralympian who had a special recorded message to the school.

Bhavna invited Kathryn Fielding from Goalball UK to come and give each class a taster of this Paralympian sport which can be played by both sighted and visually impaired people. To play, each participant is blindfolded so everyone is on a level playing field.

Each class took part in everyday activities blindfolded such as making sandwiches, writing a card, building Duplo towers and getting changed into their PE Kits.

It was a great day for raising awareness and they were touched by the school’s generosity as they raised nearly £800.

Cakes for fundraiser