Toolkit: Exam Revision Resources

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Exam resources

English Literature and Language

Mr Bruff (YouTube): Mr Bruff does walk throughs of exams, quick revisions and full analysis. He verbalises what is on screen so a really useful way of revising without focussing on visual information.

Mr Everything English (YouTube): He is really accessible and very focussed on the exams and technique.


Hergarty maths: Videos that cover specific topics in maths. Visually they are not enlarged but can be used with magnifier. Each section is time stamped which makes it easier to skim the video so it’s easy to review. You can use the search bar to look up specific subjects.

Corbett maths: Links specific topics, worked answers and videos to show how to solve specific maths problems.


Cognito: Covers both science and maths. Includes quizzes, videos and flashcards, and you can grade your own knowledge.


Emmatheteachie: Very accessible videos that are broken down to separate sections.


Dr DeBruin: AQA GCSE Chemistry (9-1) Paper 1 in under 70 minutes. Accessible and covers everything.


Physics Online: Visually more accessible than some others. Uses time stamps to organise.


AQA Geography Podcast on Apple Podcasts: Geography Podcasts from Mrs Broadribb. Short and engaging.

All subjects

Seneca Learning: Has bite size information and quizzes on a range of subjects. It does not enlarge brilliantly but you can specify your topics. Free Homework & Revision for A Level, GCSE, KS3 & KS2

Free GCSE & A Level Podcasts by Seneca: There are lots of podcasts available on a range of subjects:

BBC Bitesize podcasts for GCSE revision from BBC Bitesize and BBC Sounds: You will probably need to register to use it, but the podcasts are short and engaging.